[How-to] Use Spotify in Singapore

Ok so here’s a quick and dirty tutorial on how to use Spotify outside of the permitted countries.

First, a quick run down of the basics. There are 2 types of free Spotify accounts: Spotify Free and Spotify Open

Spotify Free: Requires an invite code, limitless play limit, ad supported.

Spotify Open: No invite code needed. 20 hours playing limit per month, each track can only be played 5 times (boo!), ad-supported.

So how does one get a Spotify Free account?

Here’s where Klout comes in, they’re offering Spotify Free invite codes for anyone with more than 20 Klout points. So to find out if you qualify just sign up for a free Klout account.  If you don’t, don’t worry, just tweet more and get your friends to retweet some funny stuff you posted and you should see your points increasing.

So whether you have chose to take the Free or Open route, you need to be behind a proxy (US proxy for Free accounts or UK proxy for Open accounts) when you sign up a Spotify account. To do that, I recommend the Proxy Switchy! extension on Chrome.

Install it and key in a US based proxy and port in the fields you see below and hit OK.

Next up, just change your IP to the US one by clicking the globe icon and choosing it.

During registration, you might need to enter a US zip-code which you can find here.

After the quick registration process, you can finally download and install the Spotify client. At this point, you no longer need the proxy and can turn it off by choosing Direct Connection.

The Catch. (there’s always one!)

Spotify allows you to use the client for 14 days outside of the permitted list of countries, which is why you no longer need a proxy at this point. But you will need to log in from a US based IP every 14 days (duh!).

It’s actually pretty easy and can be done in less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is launch your Spotify client and go to “Edit” – “Preferences” and key in a US proxy the same way you did for Proxy Switchy!

And that’s it!

No idea what songs to listen to on Spotify? Do a google search for spotify playlists and you shalt be rewarded 🙂


5 thoughts on “[How-to] Use Spotify in Singapore”

  1. Hay! I’ve just come across this info and it’s amazing! BTW do u have any idea how we could purchase the premium Spotify services in SG? I’ve tried using a SG-issued credit card and a paypal account but none worked for me …

  2. Hi Zeeniel,

    Thank you for sharing the information above and I have managed to download and enjoyed spotify for the last 2 weeks. However, I am not able to log in now and have again followed your instructions to go to “Preference” and all the way down to “proxy” – Auto-detect and change the US host and proxy. The numbers in those box appears dim and the only way I can change them is by changing from Auto-detect to one of the other ones like Https or socks 4 before changing the Host and proxy and then changing it back to auto-detect. However, I still can’t get it connected after many attempts and also with different host and proxy. Also, under ” Last.fm” do we tick the box ?

    I am not sure what I did wrong for it not to connect this time round. Hope you can advise me.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Cheryl

      I think Spotify has caught on to the trick so it’s no longer possible to pull it off. What I can suggest is using a VPN when connecting to Spotify so it thinks you are in the US/UK.


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